Richard Mosse











Some of the photographs from the series “Infra”, by Irish photographer Richard Mosse.

For his project Infra, Richard Mosse photographed (and filmed) landscapes and people in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the war between rebel divisions and the national army.  Using an old type of Kodak infrared film called Aerochrome – which registers chlorophyll in live vegetation – Mosse successfully infused a new color into the war-torn ambient. The magical transformation of Congolese streets and rainforests into beautiful surreal landscapes covered in pink tones offers a call to fundamental reconsidering of the ways of depicting complex struggles and conflicts, pointing on the omnipresence of war photographs and its serious consequences – that is, the desensitization od people to the atrociousness of war. Mosse’s unique photographic work disrupts the traditional approach to reporting, creating at the same time an incredible fusion of two counter worlds of art and photojournalism.

In 2013, the artist represented Ireland on the Biennale di Venezia with “The Enclave”, a 40-minute six-channel video installation that also utilizes a 16mm Aerochrome film, displaying footages from the same conflict going on in Central Africa. Link


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