about porn

porn is a visual art magazine focused on arts, design, illustration, photography and skateboarding culture. it is a place where you can find creations made by artists from all around the globe.

it’s about art. to capture images and colors, to indulge oneself in the pleasures of eye and mind. to imagine and to create poetry that comes to life in the shape of colors and forms. art makes us feel and think. it makes us question our surrounding and our presence, it makes us wonder about life, about art itself. what would life look like without art? could there even be any? art is a never-ending exploration of boundaries which makes us question their very existence. art is belief. art is power. art is change. we want to be part of that change.

it’s about the artist. it’s about the people. the visionaries. the ones who create or appreciate all kinds of artworks. people who pick up a brush or a camera and share their stories and the stories around them with the rest of the world. to imagine new worlds, to tell stories in a different way. it’s about you, and your smile in the moment when you face your creation, knowing that it’s done. to affect people, to leave a mark. isn’t that what gives value to a life? we want to share your stories and to create a story of our own in the process.

it’s about life. the joy. the excitement of finding good in the world. the excitement of creating good in the world. it’s about happiness. emotions that push us to create anything in the first place. our bodies and minds are our tools. we use those tools to share our feelings, to experience and sense new ones. do whatever you have to do, and do it the best you can.

the art of living. the art of creation. the art of knowledge. the art of art. what are you going to be remembered by?

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